Website Content Strategy

The content of your website is critical to it being found by potential customers

Below is a listing of the different pages that can be incorporated into your Michigan small business web design. They will allow for potential clients to see into your company without leaving the comfort of their computer chair.

Content is very important when getting indexed by major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  If your website lacks content it will not be ranked high in organic search results for the niche your business serves. One of the best practices that D&M Web use is blogging to ensure your content is fresh and search engines like Google are kept interested in it.

If you have a custom page you would like created please discuss that with us when we do your website consultation! Call us today at 248.429.7267.

  • Home – Page will be used to welcome your clients to your website. It will display a brief description of your services and background. We will also use it to link to other areas of your website.
  • Blog – Your blog will provide an excellent avenue for you to feed fresh pages into your website. This is very important when it comes to your website page rank with all of the major search engines. D&M Web can manage this for you or get you up and running on your own!
  • About Us – This page will be used to explain your company history and any other message you would like to convey to potential customers.
  • Services – This will list all of your services/products along with pictures in a gallery format. We have the ability to offer commerce plugins to allow for online ordering of your products as well.
  • Staff – This page can be used to show headshot photos of the staff at your company with brief bios for each person. This can help pull in customers because they can tie a face to your business when coming onsite.
  • Location – This will display a map of your location and give easy links to get directions to your business.
  • Contact Us – This will house a form that allows for email submittal of questions or requests to your company branded email addresses. It will also house your phone number, address, hours of operation and any other pertinent information.
  • Commercials – If you have company commercials we can direct link to YouTube to play them on your website.
  • Custom – We can also build custom pages that meet your specific needs for your business. The sky is the limit just give us a call to discuss!