D&M Web Services

A website design specialist will work with you directly to create a web strategy that makes your website pay for itself over and over again.

It is now very important for Michigan small businesses to have a presence online. Your potential customers are a mouse click away. If you do not have a website you will miss the opportunity to attract new customers through the web. If your website is not a good reflection of your small business in Michigan, has broken links, or is not managed appropriately it will have a negative impact on your business.

D&M web can register your domain, create your website, maintain changes, provide company branded email addresses, optimize your site for all major search engines, and much more. We also can work with you to design a custom logo that matches the style and focus of your business.

We are able to offer quotes on our website development on a client by client basis. After working with you on what your web strategy is going to be and determining what services you will need we will provide you with a detailed report of our expected budget to deliver. Our web consultation is completely free with no obligation!

Please contact us soon so we can get started on your personalized web presence today.

Domain Registration

D&M Web will work with you to pick a domain that is unique to your business and also will be search engine friendly for your target audience. We will register your domain name and keep it current as well.

Custom Website Design

D&M Web will work with you to determine your specific business needs and use those to create a beautiful and customer friendly online front end to your business. We can build sites of any number of pages including all the content required to make sure you communicate what is needed to your customers. We can build single page websites or websites that house hundreds of unique pages.

Our goal is to not only delight you with your website but to allow your website to delight your current and potential clients as well. Call us today for more information on how D&M Web can build a new website or redesign your old website at 248.429.7267.

Search Engine Optimization for your entire website

D&M Web will ensure that each and every page of your website is created with search engine optimization in mind. The pages will be built around the key words that we determine in our website content strategy session with you. We will use all of the industry best practices to ensure that Google and other search engines find your site, crawl it, index it, and our goal will be to have you rank on the front page of Google organically. This is how your website can pay for itself over and over again.  Each customer that finds you through Google organic search is being delivered without advertisement cost to you!

Search Engine Optimization not only occurs when the site is built. We recommend a blog so you can continue to feed search engine friendly content with your key words to keep Google interested. This also allows you to keep your customers up to date on your products and services. D&M Web offers packages to help you get your blog off the ground or even manage your blog fully throughout the subscription term.

Website Analytics

There are reports available through Google that can provide an insight into how many times your website is showing up for people and what keywords it is showing up for. They also let you know where the people are located and what pages they ended up on. This is something that can be very valuable and allow you to focus your new content and blog posts in areas you are not reaching your intended audience. D&M Web will also manually do searches on your keywords to find out where they are ranking with Google as an add on service.

Custom Logo Design

D&M Web is proud to offer custom logo design for Michigan Business owners. We will work with you to create several concepts to ensure that the end result is something you are happy with for your business. Our logo specialists can provide 3-4 concepts based on ideas that we capture during our web strategy meetings. We are not happy with a logo until you are!

Contact us today for more information on our website design services.

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